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In the BestHomePro Marketplace you can connect with home buyer and seller leads that are actually looking for a real estate agent!

  • No Buying Zip Codes
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts

With the BestHomePro Marketplace You:

  • Review the Home Buyer and/or Seller's Profile
  • Pick the Leads You Want
  • Receive the Lead - Exclusively - When Selected

How Does the Marketplace Work?

  1. You view the profile of the available leads.
  2. Submit your custom profile and offer to exhibit your professionalism and expertise.
  3. Lead reviews your profile and makes their selection.
  4. When chosen, the leads information is forwarded to you so you can connect.

What's the Catch?

We know you are used to lead generation systems that charge high fees and provide low quality leads. With the Marketplace you only pay if you're chosen by the home buyer or seller to be their agent. With The Marketplace there is no "catch".

When you submit your profile to a home buyer and/or seller for review, you lock in a placement fee. This fee is only paid if the lead accepts you. The fee depends on when you submit your profile compared to other agents. For example, the first agent to submit their profile may lock in a $10 placement fee. The second agent to submit their profile would lock in a $20 placement fee, with each additional agent locking in a placement fee $10 higher than the previous agent (and so on).

The placement fee is only paid by the agent that is selected. Then, upon closing, the agent pays a 20% referral fee.

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Guaranteed to Close!

Leave the gambling for Vegas. We know as an agent you're nickeled and dimed to death and hate to pay for anything that is NOT a sure thing.

With the BestHomePro Marketplace we guarantee our leads will close withing 8 months or we will refund your placement fee.

Live BestHomePro Marketplace

These clients are looking for a real estate agent right now!

Date Client Property Offers Status
10/21 CAROL E Looking to BUY ($125K-$175K) in Winston-Salem, NC
0 Accepting Offers
10/21 UNIKA B Looking to BUY ($0K-$100K) in Raleigh, NC
0 Accepting Offers
10/21 GARYMAIL.COM H Looking to BUY ($0K-$100K) in Avery County, NC
0 Accepting Offers
10/19 BILLY P Looking to BUY ($125K-$150K) in Mebane, NC
0 Accepting Offers
10/16 KAREN P Looking to BUY ($125K-$150K) in Raleigh, NC
0 Accepting Offers

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