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Graham real estate is located in central Alamance County, NC right along the I-85/I-40 corridor.  

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Graham real estate is located in central Alamance County, NC right along the I-85/I-40 corridor.  

History of Graham Real Estate

Graham's origins are an interesting tale.  In the mid-1800s residents of then Orange County, on the western side of the Haw River, found travel to Hillsborough (Orange County's seat) increasing difficult.  Residents proposed splitting Orange County in half.  The western half became what is now known as Alamance County in 1851, named after the Alamance Creek.  

After the county had been established, residents set out to find a suitable location for the county seat, hence why Graham real estate is almost exactly in the geographic center of Alamance.  The decision was made and the town was built around the court square.  (Court sessions were actually held in a church until 1851 when the courthouse was complete).    In honor of the governor in office at the time, the new county seat was named after Governor William A. Graham.  

Graham Real Estate and the Railroad

Not long after it's inception, due to it's location near the center of the Goldsboro-Charlotte line, the North Carolina Railroad felt that Graham was a ideal location to run it's tracks.  They proposed the tracks be run one block north of the courthouse and Graham real estate would be the location of train repair and maintenance shops.  

Graham real estate owners were against having the railroad so close to the downtown so they pass a law prohibiting railroad tracks from being built within one mile of the courthouse.  Subsequently, the railroad tracks were moved north of town and the shops were built 2 miles to the west, somewhat ironically leading to the birth of Burlington, now Alamance's largest city.  

Today, shops, stores and municipal buildings stem out to the north, south, east and west from the round-about that circles the courthouse making for a quaint and interesting downtown. One of the downtown highlights is the Graham Cinema where you can catch a movie for $3.  

Parks and Recreation in Graham

Graham real estate is home of the Graham-Mebane Lake.  It is the source of the drinking water for the cities of Graham, Mebane and several other nearby towns but is also available for boating and fishing.  The lake has a designated water and Jet Ski area which allows for special water skiing tournaments.   

Graham real estate has a number of city-run parks and recreational facilities. Graham real estate owners have access to tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, greenways, walking trails, playgrounds, baseball fields, picnic shelters and more.  

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